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Blackjack rules

When a Blackjack goes a player’s aim is to draw cards with a total of 21 points. The goal of this game is that the dealer should be bitten. In order to reach this goal the player has to have “a hand” that has more points then the dealer does but not more then twenty one. The cards’ color is of no importance for the game. The points are calculated by simple summing up the value of points of every card a player has.

The Cards’ Value

  • = 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.
  • = 10.10 and all the face cards have the value of 10
  • = 1 or 11. An Ace is counted as 11 or 1.

The “Hands” in Blackjack

So it is time to talk about the hands that one can most commonly meet and for this reason they should be remembered.

  • =21 Blackjack or “Natural” is when two cards which equal 21 appear right after the deal. It can be formed by an Ace and a card which has the value of ten points.
  • =16 “Soft Hand” is when an Ace that can be counted as eleven appears after the deal but without exceeding a total value of points that equals twenty one.
  • =16 “Hard Hand” is when there is no Ace, or there an Ace but it is valued at one point.

How does one play blackjack?
They play Blackjack using one through eight decks with 52 cards each. A special box known as a “Shoe” is used for dealing the cards. Generally they reshuffle the deck after every game. A player is to bet before the cards are dealt. After this the player receives 2 cards and the dealer also receives 2 cards. Either the player or the dealer is dealt “face-up” and the other is dealt “face-down”. The hole card of the dealer is not known until the time the player completes his/her hand. Basing on the 2 cards which were dealt and the face-up card of the dealer the player decides how to play the hand. When the decision is done by the player to stop taking cards (or to “stand”) then the dealer turns over all of his cards. If he has seventeen points or more then he has to stop taking cards too. But in case he has sixteen points or less the dealer has to take more cards (or to “hit”). There are casinos where they allow the dealers to add the house edge by hitting on a soft seventeen.

In case the first 2 cards mace together twenty one points (it can be a card valued ten points and an ace ) then it meas that it’s the highest hand of the game – the Blackjack. So when a player gets the blackjack then the player wins with one exception possible – if the dealer gets one too. If this happens then it is a tie (or a “push”).

When the dealer has an ace as the face-up card the player may want to guard against the risk the dealer has blackjack (or to make “insurance”). They pay two to one for the “insurance” in case the dealer does have blackjack on hand. The player looses is the dealer has blackjack unless he/she holds one too.

Please check the table to learn all the possible bets. Player can win the same amount that was bet or one to one. For blackjack though the payout will be three to two.

Options for a Player

If the player wants to “hit” it means that one more card is needed. Untill the hand of twenty one points is formed the player has the right to “hit” any number of times.

The player has right to “stand”. If he/she does then no more cards will be dealt.

If the player makes a “double down” it can be not until the first 2 cards were dealt. There are casinos that let the players double only on total of nine, ten or eleven although there are others that let one double on any hand. When the player makes the double down he/she can receive just one card.

In case the player gets a pair the “spit” can be done and the player will play the cards independently. The original bet goes with one card and an equal amount is added to the new hand.

Extra Options for Blackjack
Plus to the above given options there exist extra options for blackjack like the “Even Money”, “Insurance” and “Surrender”.
The “Even Money” option When it so happens that the player gets a blackjack and the dealer has an as for the top card then the player has right to put the “Even Money” bet that will cost half of the original bet. The “Even Money” is a protection from the push in case the dealer has Blackjack as well. So in case the dealer does have the blackjack the player receives his/her initial bet back and the two to one “Event Money” bet.
The “Insurance” option becomes available to players after the initial deal if the dealer has an Ace. It is actually an additional side bet which equals to a half of the original bet. In case the dealer gets the natural twenty one points then the player with insurance gets two to one payment on the insurance bet. But in case the dealer gets no blackjack then the insurance will be lost.
The option “Surrender” can be found not in every casino. It lets the player to “surrender” a half of his/her initial bet in case there is the feeling of a losing hand. It can only be made before the player hits or stands. Because of this option the player has a way of saving half of the original bet.
Two types of “surrender” exist. They are the “Early surrender” and the “Late surrender”. Early Surrender lets the player to take half of his bet before the dealer sees if he has a Blackjack. And the Late Surrender lets the player to surrender not until the dealer has checked his hole card for Blackjack.