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Roulette rules

The table for playing roulette is has got a layout that contains different bet options and a wheel. The pairs of even numbers alternate odd numbers on the wheel. And red and black alternate too. Zero and double zero are shown with green color. The table layout is done in such a way that there are thirty six numbers divided in 3 columns of twelve numbers each. The maximum number of players who can take part in a spin is 8. These players can make bets against the house, which represents an attendant called a croupier (one should pronounce the word as Crew-pee-ay).

As soon as every player has put his bet, the wheel sets the wheel in motion and makes the ball spin in the opposite direction. When the ball starts to slow down a little bit, the croupier is to make a gesture over the table and to announce that no more bets are possible. And when the ball settles in a slot of some number, the croupier has to place a dolly over it, pay out winning bets and to clear the layout for the next spin.

The players put the bets on the layout by means of colored chips that a croupier acquires. The croupier exchanges the colored chips that win for value chips which will be exchanged for cash by the house.

The so called ‘American’ version of the game has got 2 zero slots, which gives the house a much bigger advantage than in the ‘European’ roulette that has just one zero slot. So the advantage of the house differs depending on the type of wheel. As in case of single zero wheel the house has advantage of just 2.7 percent, while in case of a double zero wheel the house advantage is 5.26 percent. And more than this, the players who win should tip the croupier. And there are different maximum and minimum bets for different roulette tables.

How to place bets in roulette

All the players get chips of different colors. And it is possible to make many bets on one spin. Below are shown different bets’ classes and their corresponding payouts. The players can see that bets may be placed on groups of numbers, individual numbers or characteristics of the numbers like whether they are odd or even. For instance, the players who put their bet on that square in the layout that says “odd” will win in case the odd number will come out.

Roulette Name For Bet


Straight Bet 35:1
Split Bet 17:1
Street Bet 11:1
Corner Bet 8:1
Five Number Bet 6:1
Line Bet 5:1
Column bet 2:1
Dozen bet 2:1
Even bet 1:1

There are ‘En Prison’ and ‘Surrender’ rules for even money bets in some casinos.

In of “En Prison” the player’s even-money bet has to remain where it is if the ball lands on a zero or a double-zero, and the next spin will determine its fate. And if the player wins in the next spin, he will take back all the chips with no additional winnings; but if he loses the bet will be swept away; and in case a zero comes up once more, the wager will remain En Prison. While in “Surrender” the player will get half of his even-money wager back in case the ball will land on 0 or 00.