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Craps tips

Tips on playing Craps which would help to increase your winning ratio.

The Craps game is not just a game of chance. The players who want to win playing it are going to need knowledge and skills which they can start learning from the tips we propose you. When you first look at the game table it may seem intimidating and yet when you have played in practice mode you will understand that it is not so at all. And here are the tips on playing Craps that will help the players:

Learn the rules of the game. As Craps is not just about luck and the player’s ability to decide correctly what bet he should make. Each bet has its odds and casino advantage but some bets are more advantageous.

It is important to know bad Craps bets from the good ones.

Good bets are

  • By the Pass Line Bet the casino advantage will be just 1.41 percent
  • By the Don’t Pass Bet the house advantage will be only 1.41 percent
  • By the Come Bet the house advantage will be only 1.41 percent

Bad bets are

  • By the Field Bet the casino advantage will be 5.6 percent
  • By the Big 6 or Big 8 the house advantage will be 9.1 percent
  • By the Hard Bets the house advantage will be 12 – 13.9 percent
  • By Any 7 it will be 16.7 percent


So the players should always remember:

That spending money on any craps system is not wise at all. There is no craps system that can allow you to beat the house edge and win for a long time. Luck decides a lot although the players who place the bet according to a system may find it really useful.

It is wise to manage the bankroll of yours and set a bankroll that you are planning to use for gambling. And in case you see that the things are not going too good never try to bet large sum trying to win back the money. Just remember that sometimes it takes a little loosing before you start winning.

You should practice to play the free craps game first. Here are few casinos that do not let you to practice craps for free. So use this opportunity and know that practice allows becoming more perfect. Playing free games will allow you to understand the payoffs, the bets and all the buttons on the screen.

It is wise to think twice before acting. Learn the table minimum and never go into the game without preparation. In case the table minimum is too large for you than just do not join the game.

Make no haste. It is enough to play a pass line bet or one or two come bets. Keep put and remember the tips that work for you. And this is probably the best tip for any player.