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Craps rules

The Bank Craps (or the Casino Craps) is known as one of the most popular gambling games in the USA. It is a dice game actually and the new players may look at the casino craps table as something mystifying or kind of horrifying and the rules of craps seem to be rather difficult. So this difficult was written to give the players the full information on how to play this great game.

Playing Craps. The mechanics of the game

The “Pass Line” bet has the highest importance at Craps.

They play Craps on a special table and 2 dice that have totally thirty six different possible combinations. Eleven numbers can be rolled with the thirty six combinations (two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven and twelve). The initial bets are placed at the start of each craps round. The pass and don’t pass lines can be bet upon only at that place (the players can read of the bet below). And the players should keep it in mind as this is important.

Rules on the Craps game. Pass line bet

The “Pass Line Bet” is one of the most important things in the game and most of the players play it. The player who wants to place a pass line bet puts his on the pass line bar on the playing table.

The rules say that shooter must have established his point before the pass line bet is made. When one learns how to play craps he should learn this thing first. This bet will win in case the dice land on two, three or twelve.

Don’t pass line bet

The rules say that shooter must have established his point before this bet is made. Just like in case of Pass Line Bet and in fact this bet is the same according to the rules as the pass line bets. The player will win in case the come out roll is two or three and he will lose if the dice land on seven or eleven. The bet will be a tie in case the shooter rolls a twelve.

The players have to put his chips in the box that has “Don’t Pass” marked on it if he wants to place this bet.

Rules on playing Craps. Craps bets types

A lot of other bets exist which a player can place except for the pass line bet when playing craps. They are usually called proposition bets and the players can see them in the center of a playing table as a rule. They have a bigger house advantage generally and still there is the potential for players who desire to increase their earnings really fast in case thy win one of the bets. Different casinos will offer the players various proposition bets.

The players make these bets after the 1st roll of the dice and when the point on pass line is known. The come bets will win in case there is seven or eleven on the dice and he will lose if there is two or three. In case there is the point number the bet has to be moved onto that number and in case the point is rolled before a seven the bet wins. And the don’t come bets are just opposite and the bet wins in case there is a two or a three but it loses in case there is a seven or eleven. And in case there is a point that don’t come bets will win only if seven was rolled before that.

Placing the bets.

The bet will work if the point was determined by that time. Place Win Bet is a bet that a certain number that a player choses (four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten) is hit before a seven. There is also a Place Lose Bet which is a bet that a seven hits before a certain number was chosen by a player (four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten). Different payoffs exist for the Place Bets. They depend on the number a player bets on. Four or ten will pay out 9:5 while five and nine pays 7:5 and six with eight will pay 7:6.

The players should read the information on the types of bets carefully.

Field bets

Such bets are for one dice roll. In case there is two, three, four, nine, ten, eleven or twelve the player wins. But five, six, seven or eight will lead to a loss. The payouts for field bets are the following: two will pay double (2:1) and twelve will pay 3:1. All the rest of winning dice rolls will pay 1:1.

Odds bet

This bet is the additional one that a player can make on Come or Don’t Come bet, Pass, Don’t Pass if it has been placed already. It is possible to make ‘Odds’ bets only if the point has been established. The Odds bet will be paid out at the correct odds which is an advantage.

Big six and big eight bets

If a players puts these bets at any dice roll, they will win in case six or eight come out before seven. Six and Big Eight are even bets and they are paid one to one.

The player can put the following bets whenever he wants and any of them is a one roll bet:

  • Hardways will win in case a “double” (two threes for instance) will be rolled before a seven.
  • Aces or Boxcars bet will win if two or twelve is rolled and it pays out thirty to one.
  • Any Seven will win in case a seven is rolled out and the payout will be five to one.
  • Any Craps bet wins if a two, three or twelve will be rolled and the payout will be eight to one.
  • Ace Duece wins if a three is rolled and it pays sixteen to one.
  • Eleven will win in case eleven will be thrown and it also pays out sixteen to one.

Horn Bet is similar to bets on two, three, eleven or twelve together. This bet wins in case one of the numbers will be rolled. And the pay outs depend on the thrown number. All other bets will be lost.

So you now know everything about Craps Rules, Craps Table and Craps Bets. Read the Craps Tips once more and play online with the enjoyment.