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New Cash Blox arcade game from Playtech

Cash Blox is a new arcade game developed and released by the famous Playtech. The players can enjoy it now in such Playtech powered casinos like Casino Plex. The game has a lot in common with a retro arcade game where the players had to make as many complete lines as they could. In that game the players were to move the blocks when they were falling into the game area in order to make their chances to complete lines higher. But in Cash Blox the lines are formed randomly and only thanks to a lucky chance.

In the beginning of the game a player sets his stacked amount by means of the Bet button. The amount of money a player wagers can be seen in the Stake field. And to start the game one just needs to click the Play button. Then a player will watch differently shaped blocks falling into the game area randomly and in case they make up a complete raw as they land, he gets paid. The amount of payment is shown in the pay table. When a like is completed it disappears and the block above can then fall down and may be create a new complete line. The players who manage to form 2 or more lines on the rows get paid in doubled, tripled or quadrupled amounts. Still, when 2 or more lines come up simultaneously but not on consecutive rows the player gets paid as for the multiples of single lines. The game will end if a block does not fit within the grid completely. In the end a player gets all the money he accumulates in the Winnings field.
The payouts for 1x, 2x, 3x and 4x completed lines are shown in the pay table. The payouts shown there are adjusted automatically to the wagered amount. When the 1st complete line or a set of complete lines are formed the player gets awarded with the lowest corresponding cell. The payout for doubles is 2x compared to the singles payout. But in case of 3x and 4s the players will see shard rise of the payouts amount. The 1st triple is ten times higher if compared to the 1st single amount, but the 4th triple is thirty times the 4th single amount. The 1st quadruple gives a player forty times the 1st single amount, yet the 4th quadruple pays four hundred times the 4th single amount!
If a set of complete lines or just a single line has a multi-colored Magic Block in it, a player will get 10 free plays. A gambler will play the free pay at the same stake as the round that triggered the free plays. These are played out automatically. A player can re-trigger the free play. The game also has the Auto Play feature thanks to which the players can choose how many game rounds will be played consecutively. There is the Slow Mode too, so that the players could watch the blocks falling down if they want to.

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