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Online BlackJack: 21 or Bust

Online blackjack is perhaps the most popular game with players who frequent online casinos and other similar gaming venues. This player favorite has managed to maintain a level of enthusiasm that is rivaled only by online slots. As such, gaming venues continue to offer online blackjack as a primary attraction.

Online blackjack is a natural fit for internet play. This is a game that doesn’t require multiple players in order for just one player to play (though often there are multiple players at any one table). Online blackjack, regardless of the number of other players, is essentially between you and the dealer. The only real concern you might have for other players is in keeping track of the additional cards they are receiving.

In fact online blackjack is one of the few casino games that a player has a significant degree of control over the eventual outcome. By this, I mean that while there is a degree of luck that is inherent in the game, there is also a good deal of strategy involved as well. Having a solid strategy is essential if a player wants to win more than they lose. The gaming venue (the house), for example, usually has its dealers to take a hit if there hole cards total 16 or less, and remain pat (don’t take additional cards) if their hole cards total 17 or more. By formulating a sound strategy, players significantly increase their odds of walking away from an online blackjack ‘table’ a winner.

While there are a number of playing strategies, there are some basics that players can utilize that will enable them to get starting playing online blackjack. First of all, players need to be able to recognize the different types of hands they are holding. A player, when dealt his first two cards can either have a hard or soft hand, or pairs. A hard hand is one in which the cards one is holding has only one possible total (i.e. there are no aces). A soft hand is one in which there are two possible totals as a result of holding at least one ace. Pairs are when a player is holding identical card numbers.

Each particular hand has specific procedures that players should be aware of. So for example, if a player has a hard hand, he will want to always take a hit if his initial two cards total 8 or less. However, in a soft hand, if a player had the same possible total (i.e. a 7 and an ace) then he would want to either double down, stay pat or take a hit; all dependent on what the dealer is showing. While it may take a moment to memorize all the various combinations, it is to the players benefit to pick up these playing tips.

One of the reasons that online blackjack remains so popular is that it is not just a game of chance. Games such as slots, for example, leave players at the mercy of random luck. Online blackjack, however, requires a bit of player skill and strategy. Online blackjack, as a result, continues to attract throngs of players of every level to online gaming venues.

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