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Baccarat rules

Rules or how to play baccarat

The baccarat is in the row with the most popular online and offline gambling games. The game offers the lowest house edge in comparison to other games. So it is not surprising that it is so popular among the players. Everyone can enjoy the game but the high-stakes players take the main profit from the edge.

As a rule there are six decks of fifty two cards but other variants of game with different number of decks are possible. And the probabilities are different in every case.

Only 3 results are possible in the the baccarat game. They are the “Banker”, “Player” or “Tie”. The terms only refer to the options a player can bet on during the game. So the fact is that a player can bet on just 3 outcomes of the hand. But this will be discussed later.

Playing baccarat online. 

For the players who are eager to know how to play baccarat online this step-by-step guide was created. So if you want to learn to to play this great game you should follow the game.

The players can play in our free mode and get all the practice they need.

Playing baccarat offline.

1. In the beginning of the game players bet on banker, player, tie or even altogether.

After this the dealer announces that no more cards will be given and gives the shoe to the player sitting next to him on the right.

2. The right of dealing the shoe passes from player to player around the table. A player has right to pass the shoe to another player in case he does not want to deal. Also it is possible for the same person to deal cards time after time while the banker keeps winning.
3. Then the dealer puts two cards face down under the shoe. These two cards are the banker cards. After this the player who has the highest bet is also dealt two cards face down. These cards are going to be player cards. And at last the dealer flips the cards over and announces the hand totals. In case of the online casino, the cards are being dealt face up at once. But the odds of the game do not change.
4. If a banker or a player get eight or nine they stand. Such situation is quite natural. In case a player has five or less he can be dealt one more card. For more info check the Baccarat Third-Card rule.
5. Any player can be dealt a 3rd card. Everyone who wins gets the payment, while the bets that lost  are collected. The player who is not an employee of the casino is the only one who deals the cards.
6. Then they compare the scores and the winner is the hand with the highest score. The banker bets pay nineteen to twenty, player bet pays even and the tie pays eight to one.

The Third – Card Rule in Baccarat



There is a so called Natural hand. It is whether bank or the player have total of eight or nine.

The 3rd card is going to be dealt if the player’s total is five or less.

In case a player doesn’t draw a 3rd card the bank will stand on six or more and it will draw on five or less.

In case a player does take the 3rd card, the bank must decide to take the 3rd card according to Bank’s third-card-rule or not to do it.


If the total of the bank will be two or less, the bank will draw a 3rd card.

In case the total of the bank is three, the bank will draw a 3rd card if the player’s third card is not an eight.

In case the total of the bank is four, the bank must draw the 3rd card if the player does not have a zero, one, eight or nine.

In case the total of the bank is five, the bank has to draw the 3rd card if the player does not have a four, five, six or seven.

If the bank’s total is six, it has to draw a 3rd card in case the player has a six or seven.

The bank has to stand on the total of seven or more.


Baccarat Third – Card Rule Table

Here the players can see a table with detailed third card rules. The 1st table describes the situation when a player will get the 3rd card. It is called “Player’s Score”.  The other chart describes the situation of banker’s decisions on different hands with different player’s third cards. One can print these tables together with the whole page. To do so one should click on the Print icon on top of the page. It is also possible to save this image and then print it.